3 Reasons Why You Should Consider BigCommerce Enterprise for International Business Than Shopify

One benefit of e-commerce is the opportunity to sell to the global audience. Regardless of your business size, you can sell your products to customers across the world. But for this to happen, you need the right e-commerce platform. A reliable platform enables you to reach out to the targeted audience. It offers you features and functionalities to achieve your objectives. Unlike small business, enterprises and companies have complex activities. You need platforms with advanced features to manage your online affairs effectively.
BigCommerce enterprise and Shopify plus are the leading e-commerce solutions in this category. Due to their features that are almost the same, it might be hard to decide the best option. Mainly, if you are planning to sell products to the international community, you need a platform that will meet with their needs and desires. Here are the top four reasons why BigCommerce should be your option and not Shopify plus:

Inbuilt payment options

Selling to the global audience requires that you have the right features. One of these features is the payment gateways. Your customers must find the right payment gateway that tallies with their needs and preferences. This means you need an e-commerce solution with such features. When it comes to BigCommerce enterprise and Shopify plus selection, you need to consider which is the option for delivering quality services to your customers without any challenges.
BigCommerce comes with inbuilt multicurrency options. By this, your customers can transact with you regardless of their location in the global sphere. On the other hand, Shopify relies on third-party apps. Hence, it does not offer you in-built options which can be a challenge in your venture.

transactional fee

Reducing cost in your business is an excellent way of boosting your income. When selling online, any opportunity for saving a dollar can be the best idea you can ever score. One way you can save cost is reducing your transactional fees. These fees rob you a share of your hard-earned cash. BigCommerce enterprise understands that you lost your sweat in driving shares. Also, the developers are aware of the challenge of getting an enterprise e-commerce platform.
For this reason, they allow you to reach your international customers without burdening you with costs. The platform does not charge you transactional fees. For those using Shopify plus, there are set limits beyond which you must start paying these fees. Hence, if you desire to save on cost and enhance your international sales, BigCommerce is a good idea.

It is SEO friendly

No doubt, ranking on the top positions in the search engines is a big step in your international selling. With this, you can tap on the large customer base. For instance, if you are selling cosmetics online when your site appears on number one, you are certain millions of online visitors will come your way. Also, standing on this position gains trust from customers. In this essence, having an SEO friendly enterprise e-commerce platform is a well-thought idea.

When comparing the two top-ranking e-commerce solutions for enterprise-level businesses, BigCommerce takes the lead. Research shows that sites anchored on this platform score higher on the search engines than one on Shopify plus. Hence, if you want to rank high on the search engine and become a best seller, you need to consider BigCommerce enterprise.

Final thoughts

In a word, BigCommerce enterprise is a good option when selling to the international community. With its in-built multicurrency options, SEO friendliness, and zero transactional fees, you get an opportunity to score high and win large customers. Hence, you need to consider it if success is your priority.



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