Shopify plus

A Detailed View on the Two Market Leaders of Ecommerce Enterprise Solution

BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, Weebly, Wix and so much more. There are so many choices of ecommerce software that surround us when deciding upon starting an online business. Although, the choices for ecommerce platforms are unlimited, this article will focus on the two market leaders: BigCommerce and Shopify Plus.

In recent times, Bigcommerce users have been switching to Shopify plus regardless of the low prices offered by BigCommerce. Here’s why:

With using Shopify Scripts, you can create and access payment options, checkout options and numerous shipping options which play a part in enhancing conversion rates. Furthermore, Shopify provides 24/7 support to its users and you can save your money as well as time through its automation tools like Launchpad and Flow.

Technical software, slow-loading and increased cost are some of the elements that result in people switching to other platforms. Customers are usually looking for ecommerce software that are easy to use and don’t require extra effort to function.

It is significant to note that BigCommerce and Shopify both started off with the same size. Today, Shopify serves more than 500,000 customers whereas, BigCommerce serves around 100,000 customers.

Furthermore, the merchants of Shopify sell into 175 countries globally accounting for $60 billion sales, whereas, the merchants of BigCommerce sell into around 150 countries accounting for $9 billion sales from the platform. This is a visible difference.

Moreover, the customers at Shopify can sell their products (whether digital or physical) on 20 different channels which include Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc. However, BigCommerce doesn’t disclose the channels the customers are allowed to sell on.

Also, Shopify provides its customers with 100+ themes (both unpaid and paid) which are designed in such a way that they can be viewed at any screen size. Shopify also provides their customers with assistance at all times, they post articles written by developers and programmers in order to help their customers with any issues that may arise.

In terms of security, Shopify is level 1 PCI compliant and consider their customer’s security to be the top priority. There have been complains that BigCommerce adjusts some business stores to be PCI compliant.

Therefore, if you’re planning to start your online business anytime soon or you wish to switch to another ecommerce platform, this article may help you decide on which software would suit your business better. Thorough research is significant when making a decision.