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BigCommerce or Shopify? Which is better?

You’ll often find people debating about which ecommerce platform is the best amongst all. It’s a tough task to choose, as a matter of fact. Especially, when you’re new in the ecommerce business and are just about to start off. We’ll be making your decision easy here by comparing the two leading ecommerce solution providers in the market.

BigCommerce and Shopify

It is true that both the platforms are the best website builders in the market. However, both of them have their differences that you need to be aware of before selecting one.

Firstly, if we look at the overall rating and reviews, Shopify is considered to be the top choice with a rating of 5/5 in the following aspects (popularity, template, ease of use, flexibility, pricing). BigCommerce is considered to be the best website builder for large businesses, with a rating of 4.5.

This article provides a comparison of 4 different feature of Shopify and BigCommerce:

  1. Design and Themes

A clear win for Shopify in this area, as it is popular for providing updated and impressive themes which are both free and paid. Shopify offers variety. There are some decent designs provided by BigCommerce as well. However, they cannot be views unless you register for their trial. Also, people consider their designs to be old and simple.

BigCommerce offers 7 free and 76 paid themes, whereas, Shopify offers 24 free and 149 premium themes which is a clear difference.

  1. Support/Helpdesk

Having constant support with these software is of real help, especially when you’re just starting off. Shopify staff is always available for its customers whenever need be. They are available through call, email and live chat. They also post blogs written by some of their professional developers in order to assist their customers.

BigCommerce was not doing so previously, however, they now provide 24/7 support to their customers via chat, call and email.

  1. Application

Both the ecommerce platforms consist of an app store. However, if we look at the numbers, Shopify provides their customers with around 1400 apps, whereas, with BigCommerce you get only 250 apps.

  1. Credibility

If we look at the reputation, both of the platforms are market leaders. However, if we look at the numbers, Shopify has more than 500,000 customers. BigCommerce has stopped disclosing its number of customers, however, according to the last update of 2015, they had around 95000 customers.

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